Wedding/Pastoral Ministry (A.C. 574., etc.). -                            "That All May Be One..." (Jn. 17:22)
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My wife Stephanie & I live in Elkhart, IN.  I was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1963.  After serving as a missionary priest for 15 years in the rural South in the U.S., I resigned the clerical priesthood to become a married priest in 1977.  I was certified to perform civil marriages in 2002. I also perform baptisms, blessings, anointings of the sick, and funerals for those requesting these sacramental services. More information on the ministry of married priests can be found on this website where I am listed, and by whom I have been certified: I've been working with several wedding venues that I'd like to recommend. They can speak of their experience with my marriage ministry in the South Bend, IN-area.  Services including venues include the following:

For more information on my availability and requirements, please feel free to contact me at: 574.293.1117; or my cell: 574.361.9910, or use the "Contact Us" page.
The Lord Bless!
Father Ted & Stephanie
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