Wedding/Pastoral Ministry (A.C. 574., etc.). -                            "That All May Be One..." (Jn. 17:22)
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My wife Stephanie & I live in Elkhart, IN.  I was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1963.  After serving as a missionary priest for 15 years in the rural South in the U.S., I resigned the clerical priesthood in 1977.

I have since associated with a Lutheran congregation where we live in Indiana. I have served as Visitation Pastor since 2013. Stephanie and I have been members since 1997.  She is also on staff as serving as Parish Nurse since 2008. I have been given permission to perform marriages, anointing of the sick, and funerals as a Lutheran Pastor.

For more information on my availability and requirements, please feel free to contact me at: 574.293.1117; or my cell: 574.361.9910, or use the "Contact Us" page.
The Lord Bless!
Father Ted & Stephanie
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